Answers to Common Mortgage Topics


Many people share the same dream of owning a house, a piece of land, or other properties but not everyone has the same knowledge when it comes to mortgages. As we empower our clients to make the decisions that work best for them, we share the most common queries we are asked about mortgages for your benefit.

One of the first questions to answer is about eligibility requirements. Mortgages need qualifications and to be able to meet the criteria, prospects should be ready with the documents that detail their work, source of income, debts, assets, or other liabilities. These are just the beginning but we will be with you in the specifics.

Hopefuls should expect the downpayment question and while the exact amount depends on several factors, knowing how much cash you can put up at the moment and where you can source it will help you and your mortgage provider assess your application.

You can also discuss your mortgage payment schedule which considers your principal amount, interest, insurance, property taxes, and many more. Knowing your payment schedule can help you prepare to ensure enough payments are made on time.

As a chosen Insurance Company in Montgomery, Alabama, we encourage clients to take an active approach to secure their future in every aspect. Preventive Care Services is just one of the many elements they can consider.

Jackson Insurance Company enables security by offering a diverse set of Investment services for your needs.

Consult with our Insurance Agent today.

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