Common Myths About Attaining Financial Freedom

Attaining freedom is a universal goal— the freedom to be ourselves, the freedom to work for our dreams, and the freedom to express our thoughts. In a lot of cases, having the resources to enable freedom is a required condition. Financial resources are among the common tools that allow us to exercise liberty and fund our goals.

There are many strategies to achieve our goals as much as the risks around our pursuit. Here are the common misconceptions that put us further from Financial Security:

  • Using credit cards for emergency purposes. 
    Some emergency expenses like home or car repair cannot be coursed through the card. You should set up an emergency fund for these expenses.
  • Investment requires huge money. 
    One does not need to invest a significantly large amount; a person simply needs to start as soon as possible. Preparing yourself with some money is better than waiting to get more in the future. Value is essential, but time is of the essence as well.
  • Loans are bad. 
    Having some debt does not always mean a person is in an unfavorable position. When the debt is used as an investment that earns interest higher than what is required for payment, the person realizes gains.

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