Debunking Common Misconceptions About Life Insurance

As one of the leading providers of life insurance in Alabama, we have heard a lot of misconceptions about it. Allow us to share our expertise and debunk some of the most common misconceptions about life insurance.

  • Life insurance is only useful after death.
    The truth is life insurance is a tool that helps manage risks. Dying is not the only risk but living too long as well. If you retired at 60 and live until 90, would you be able to manage your expenses? Life insurance gives you financial security.
  • One doesn’t need insurance when single, young, and healthy.
    Life insurance cannot be bought whenever you need it. It needs to be bought in advance so that you can use it when needed. Furthermore, juvenile life insurance is one the best because while you are still young, premiums are lower.
  • Your company covers you, so another insurance policy is not needed.
    The fact remains that your company only covers you while you are employed with them. If you leave or retire, the policy gets terminated. If there are financial problems in your company, there is a possibility of reducing your benefits or canceling the policy entirely.
  • One can get better returns from investments than life insurance.
    Life insurance is like a smartphone, it is a combination of different features such as guaranteed returns, longevity risks, life cover, morbidity risks, mortality risks, and more. Comparing standalone features will not give clarity.

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