Duties and Responsibilities of an Insurance Agent

Jackson Insurance Company provides a variety of insurance services and products, especially term life insurance in Montgomery, Alabama. We vowed to give our customers peace of mind when it comes to their finances, and to do that, we’re hiring the best insurance agents.

Insurance agents should be talented and passionate in the insurance industry. Generating new business and building long-lasting relationships with potential customers should be their priority. Hereunder are some of their duties and responsibilities:

  • Establish an outstanding and collaborative employee-customer relationship through various channels such as networking, cold calling, and referrals. They will also entertain and politely answer the customers’ insurance-related concerns.
  • Create a policy and describe its advantages and disadvantages. They will also distribute the policy once the claim has been approved and track this insurance claim.
  • Create and implement marketing strategies to rise beyond external competition and to ensure that all the insurance services and products we provide are properly advertised, especially the term life insurance and juvenile life insurance.
  • Recommend management strategies that match the customers’ risk profile to avoid losing them.
  • Track the dividends and create payment methods for the customers.

These above-mentioned duties and responsibilities will be further discussed upon interview. Keep in mind that attitude also matters. We take our customers’ financial security seriously, so we need candidates who have pleasant personalities and are trustworthy. If you believe that you’re amenable to efficiently accomplishing these tasks and you’re fitting, attitude-wise, you’re more than welcome to apply through our website.

Soon, we may hire qualified and competent candidates to market our investment services, preventive care services, and mortgage loans in Alabama. Get in touch through our website for updates!

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