Life Insurance vs. Term Life Insurance

With the many options that investment services offer, term life insurance and life insurance take the lead. Depending on your need, both these insurances are sure to provide you and your family the security you need. Here are some differences between the 2.

  • Length of Coverage
    Although there are various preventive care services available, the unexpected can happen. That’s why you need to be prepared. Before choosing between life and term life insurance, you have to know how long each cover. For life insurance, you’re covered for your entire life. However, term life only covers you for the time period that you selected. You can either choose ten, twenty, or thirty years, depending on the offer of your insurance company.
  • Premium Costs
    When getting insurance, financial security is what you’re after. However, you also have to consider how much premium you can pay. Term life insurance premiums are considerably cheaper than life insurance. Also, term life premiums can increase with each renewal whereas life premiums remain the same as long as you don’t make changes to your plan.
  • Cash Value
    With permanent life insurance, it’s also like having a savings account. Permanent life insurance has a cash value which means the longer you pay your plan, the higher the cash value. On the other hand, term life insurance offers no cash value. With life insurance, you can pay your mortgage loans in Alabama using your cash value at any time while term life insurance does not allow you this benefit.

Before choosing between getting permanent life insurance or term life insurance in Montgomery, Alabama, or from wherever you’re from, always seek the advice of professionals to help you. If you’re looking for an insurance company you can trust, let Jackson Insurance Company help you.

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