Peace of Mind Provided by Our Home Security System Plan

Statistics show that in 2020, more than half a million burglaries were reported in the US. Appalling, right? However, when people began installing home security devices, the number of reported cases recently began to decrease. Having home security devices then is a safety precaution. Hence, if you don’t have them yet, you can avail our Vinint Home Security System Plan at Jackson Insurance Company.

Our insurance company in Montgomery, Alabama, recommends our home security plan not only for security purposes but for our clients to avail of insurance discounts— one thing many people don’t take advantage of.

There are instances that our clients even take out mortgage loans in Alabama just to purchase a house already equipped with safety devices. After careful assessment, we grant their application, but we usually ask them to consider adding or switching to our home security plan for added safety.

With this plan, our clients can travel with peace of mind because our 24-hour surveillance cameras can immediately detect any suspicious activity in their homes by merely looking at their phones even though they’re miles away. Furthermore, identifying burglars even in poorly lit areas is possible because of the facial recognition feature, making it easier for the authorities to arrest them. Finally, with home security devices, alarms can blow off immediately, giving the victim a chance to ask for help or escape. This may even cause panic in the criminals and trigger their flight response.

Financial security is one thing, but we want to offer as many related products and services as possible because your peace of mind is ours too. Hence, get started with our Vinint Home Security System Plan!

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