Reasons to be One of Our Insurance Agents

An insurance agent consults and sells products to potential clients in any legal way possible. When clients decide to pay for insurance coverage, the agent ensures that they are covered during their insurance period in case of emergency.

Jackson Insurance Company, your insurance company in Montgomery, Alabama, encourages you to join us. Being an insurance agent might be your calling, and if it is, you will enjoy it!

Here’s why:

  • Decent salary – We pay our insurance agents $48000 to $83000 a year, and it increases depending on their tenure, KPIs, and ability to reach their quota.
  • Job security – As life insurance in Alabama is in demand, we also have many clients. More work means we need more qualified insurance agents to work for us, and it could be you!
  • Work-life balance – It’s pretty decent as well. Holidays and weekends are fixed rest days, so you will have more time to rest. Plus, we don’t require you to render extra hours unless you have pending tasks to finish.
  • Job satisfaction – You will have high job satisfaction if you’re into sales or customer service. Besides, you are in the field, so you will enjoy the travel and the opportunity to meet different people daily.
  • Requirements – Only a few require a college degree. Having a high school diploma will suffice.

As you offer financial security to your clients, you’ll also enjoy having one if you hold hands with us. Don’t let this enormous opportunity pass without even considering it.

Get to know our services, such as preventive care services, home security system plans, and life insurance, to know whether you fit in selling our products and offering our services. Get in touch!

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