Skills an Insurance Agent Should Possess


We’re taking advantage of insurance opportunities to avoid financial loss. Hence, If you’re aspiring for a career as an insurance agent, you’ll be protecting your clients’ assets by identifying potential financial risks and creating a solution for them.

Jackson Insurance Company, your provider of term life insurance in Montgomery, Alabama, is currently providing career opportunities for job seekers who wish to become insurance agents. The competition is tough, but you will have a competitive edge if you possess the following skills:

  • Customer Service
    Any successful transaction begins with good customer service. You should be prompt and polite to build rapport. Be attentive, informative, and helpful in answering client queries.
  • Communication and Comprehension
    Be convincing yet honest in explaining company policies and claims to establish trust. Phone etiquette and active listening are also necessary. Finally, understanding complex language and jargon and the ability to explain them in your own words will take you higher in this industry.
  • Technical
    Familiarity and fundamental understanding of digital programs and insurance software are vital.
  • Financial planning
    A basic understanding of tax, stocks, and personal budget is advantageous because these topics will come up in your conversations 80% of the time. In our case, we entrust the sales of our life insurance in Alabama to agents who are knowledgeable about retirement and annuities so that they can advise our clients wisely.
  • Sales
    Be passionate when it comes to persuasion and negotiation. You have to make people see that availing of our insurance programs can provide them financial security.

If you possess these skills, you’re welcome to apply to our company. Visit our website to fill in an application.

We also offer preventive care, life insurance, and prepaid legal services. Contact us to get started!

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