What Does Preneed Burial Insurance Cover?

Jackson Insurance Company does not only provide term life insurance in Montgomery, Alabama but also PreNeed Burial Insurance to pay for the costs of funeral or burial and cremation services. Through this, the bereaved family will not financially suffer despite their situation, especially if the deceased is their breadwinner.

As part of our preventive care services, PreNeed Burial Insurance pays for the following:

  • Burial plot and vault.
  • Caskets which can be customized and flowers by request.
  • Grave opening and closing services.
  • Headstones and obituary notices.
  • Transportation and urn services.

Aside from these services, you can also utilize PreNeed Burial Insurance to pay the deceased’s debts, such as credit card debt, legal services, medical bills, car loans, and even mortgage loans in Alabama.

It feels reassuring to see how many funeral and burial services this insurance policy can cover. We all pass in time, but given how unpredictable life is, it is good to prepare for instances like this to occur. Besides, everyone wants financial freedom amid situations meant to shake financial security.

We encourage you to take our advice. Contact us to avail of our PreNeed Burial Insurance Policy and visit our website to learn more about the other insurance services we offer, as well as our home security, preventive care, and investment services. Get in touch!

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