What to Expect in Becoming an Insurance Agent

The insurance industry is a lucrative one, so there is no doubt that many people want to embark on becoming insurance agents. But before you can sell senior health or life insurance in Alabama, you need to complete a pre-licensing course and pass the licensing exam. The process will be managed by the Alabama Department of Insurance.

As an insurance company in Montgomery, Alabama, Jackson Insurance Company can guide you to your insurance career goals. We offer training to help you become a well-rounded agent, improving your knowledge in sales, business, and the insurance industry itself.

    An insurance career is not for the faint of heart. This industry requires you to resolve conflict, hunt for prospects, and transform rejection into motivation. Hence, you must be open to improving your communication skills, problem-solving, and work ethic.

Although many insurance companies prefer college graduates, some overlook educational backgrounds. After all, you still need to finish a well-monitored course and exam. The entire program covers Alabama law, types of insurance products, and the benefits they offer (e.g., cash benefits, preventive care services, death benefits, etc.).

    Upon getting licensed, you now have the flexible skills you can make use of in the insurance business and even other ventures. Your expanded aptitude in marketing, investment services, underwriting processes, and more has equipped you with real-life tools you can bring everywhere you go.


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